Qualoupe More Than Just A LIMS

There are many LIMS in the market place that are just that, however our ethos is to provide software that enables our customers to grow their business.  To that end at Two Fold we have had to go further beyond the laboratory and provide additional tools that bring other business benefits.

Commercial contract laboratories are a good example, they charge for their services so it is essential that they can raise quotations, convert those into real sales orders, produce invoices and update their accounting systems.

Manufacturing companies often need software within the manufacturing process to help optimise production, we provide blend optimisers that use raw material sample data that can save the waste of raw materials and improve the compliance of the blend to the required specification both of which can save considerable amounts of money.

We work in a partnership with our clients to help save costs and to increase sales, not to just sell a system and then cut and run!

Two Fold Software an ethical partner.


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