Qualoupe Reporting Significantly Contributes to Cost Justification

Comprehensive Reporting Enhances Qualoupe LIMS

Reports are the valuable end result of all work carried out in a laboratory, with data used both internally and externally to monitor quality, workflow, KPIs, etc. …. Truly flexible reporting provided within the LIMS by Qualoupe from Two Fold Software Ltd enables data analysis which can highlight issues, maximise resources, inform management and drive growth.

An easy, intuitive print interface allows reports to be run within each application and the selection of data to populate each report is controlled by simple options; current record, selected records, and by query.

A Certify option adds a unique report and version number to the printed report, and then saves a PDF of the report against the sample or batch: if the same report is run again the version number is incremented and a PDF created and saved, giving an audit trail of the run reports, which is extremely useful for such customer reports as COA’s (certificates of analysis).

Increasingly laboratories wish to grant both internal departmental staff, and customers, the ability to run reports remotely through the web when needed, and without the cost of multiple LIMS licences.  Qualoupe’s Web Reporting Module utilises a secure login process to precisely enable this.  The reporting portal comes with ten concurrent user licences, allowing a significant number of customers to log in and out to run reports, thus greatly increasing the laboratory’s levels of service to its customers at a cost which, unlike many web reporting solutions, is affordable to all companies.

The efficiencies created by Qualoupe’s reporting capabilities can significantly contribute to the cost justification of the overall Qualoupe LIMS.

“Since going live with Qualoupe we have benefited considerably from the reporting capabilities, our reports vary greatly in format dependent on the type of testing being carried out for each customer. Qualoupe was able to cater for this requirement straight from the box and as such has made significant time savings, 7 hours per week if not more.” – Steve Gardner, QTS Analytical Ltd.



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