KB0029: Converting Saved Search Launchers to Applications


Qualoupe includes the capability for individual users to save searches that they frequently perform. These searches can then be converted into Launchers in the Favourites tab of the Qualoupe home screen. These launchers are user-specific and are not shared with other users on the system.

Sometimes a particularly useful search may be applicable to more than one user. In that case it’s possible for an administrator to create an “application” based on the launcher which can be assigned to particular roles in the same way as any other Qualoupe application.


1) First a user must create a suitable saved search, then convert it into a Launcher.

2) When the application is opened via the launcher, the URL should be noted. It will end with a string like “sample.aspx?ss=13v1” – this is a reference to the application, and to the specific saved search that will be used.

3) In the Applications Manager an administrator can create a new application, giving it an appropriate name. The URL field should be filled with the end part of the URL, as above (e.g. “sample.aspx?ss=13v1” in this case). The icon can be selected to match the main application, or can be a different image entirely.

4) After saving the new application, it will need to be assigned to specific roles via the Roles Manager.

5) Users who have been assigned to those roles will now have access to the new “application”. The magnifying glass icon that signifies a saved search will automatically be added to the launcher image.


Care should be taken not to delete the saved search on which the launcher is based, as that will break the reference causing the launcher to just load the application as normal. We recommend that a fake user is created and used to generate the saved searches and launchers that are to be used globally, but that the fake user account isn’t used for day-to-day work. This reduces the likelihood of an important saved search being deleted in error.


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