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Two Fold Software have entered into a technological partnership with Obi Medical of Denmark.

OBI Medical’s v-TAC solution enables hospitals to take a normal venous blood sample and to covert the results from the blood gas analyser into an accurate arterial result. It represents a genuine medical break-through, with significant benefits to hospitals, clinics, nursing staff and patients: and has FDA approval as a medical device.

Arterial samples are usually taken by doctors, not nurses, and they take longer than venous samples. Cost savings through use of v-TAC are significant, but the bigger driving force is patient care! Arterial samples are painful and cause stress to the patient, so alleviating this is a major result.

Known asthma/COPD patient admitted with slight shortness of breath, observation for pneumonia

“I always fear the arterial gas—they take it every time I’m admitted. I actually thought they had forgotten to take it today…but then they explained the new method. It should have been invented 30 years ago. Just think of all that pain and suffering I could have been without!”

Two Fold Software are using our considerable experience of system integration to create v-TAC Connect which will integrate the BGA’s (blood gas analysers) with the v-TAC software, and the hospital’s patient systems.

Through this integration v-TAC Connect will acquire the venous blood gas results from the BGA and pass these to the v-TAC software for conversion to arterial blood gas results, then update the patient record with the arterial results.

This enables consultants and doctors to have immediate access to vital results, with increased efficiency benefits.


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