LIMS Events Functionality

Qualoupe’s new LIMS Events functionality allows for the creation of events against samples and batches. This means that when the status change on a sample or batch complies with the event rule, it will automatically email a pre-defined distribution list of people who need to be kept informed about that particular sample or batch.

The event can automatically attach a report generated by Qualoupe to the email, so that full details of the sample or batch are immediately available to the recipients.

Common uses of these events may include:

  • Warning laboratory or production staff that samples are out of specification

  • Notifying staff that a batch does not comply with the production specification

  • Informing individuals when a sample needs to be re-tested or if a new sample is required

  • Providing automated confirmation that external samples have arrived and require testing

The ability to create events relevant to your laboratory or company opens up many possibilities for accurate and timely communication, ensuring that the right people are kept informed and are equipped with the ability to make decisions based on current data.

For more information on how this could help your business please feel free to contact us here.

Lisa Lambert

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