Formatted Numbers

In the early years of the LIMS industry, the mini-computer based systems all supported the functionality to allow the formatting of numbers used to identify batches, samples, project numbers, stability ids, quotations etc. However, when PC based LIMS appeared, this functionality was not routinely provided.

Today one would hope that all LIMS have this functionality, and at Two Fold Software we have provided extensive capability for our clients to format the numbers in whatever way required within Qualoupe. This means that you are able to continue using number formats which are understood by your employees and customers, rather than being forced to adapt a new numbering system dictated by your LIMS.

Number formats are able to include standard text elements, dates, times and numbers in whatever configuration is required. Reset periods enable the customer to define when numbering restarts, for example if you wanted to increment the batch number throughout the year and reset to 1 at the beginning of each year. All number formats can be easily edited using the Formatted Number application within Qualoupe.

When splitting samples, the splits can be identified by the parent sample number and each split with a number such as 01, 02, 03, etc. Or in the example below, the samples attached to a batch will be identified by the batch number and a sub format number 01, 02 and so on for each sample.

Screenshot showing editing of number formats within Qualoupe

Formatted Number application screenshot

Further details are explained in a previous Qualoupe class on formatted numbers, viewable on our YouTube channel at

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