Two Fold Software is Ten Years Old Today!

Clive Collier, our Managing Director reflects on the past 10 years and looks forward to what the future may hold for Two Fold Software…

I cannot believe that we are ten years old already, but as the old saying goes: “time passes quickly when you are having fun”.

10 Years Ago…

The company was originally founded to create a new laboratory information management system [LIMS] that would meet our market’s criteria in being intuitive, affordable, fully functional, and above all easy to use. Whilst there are many good LIMS in the market place which do what they say on the tin, many of them are seen as complicated by the user community and expensive for first time buyers.

We released the first version at the height of the recession, and despite our expectations that sales were going to be difficult, we were successful in achieving sales straight away. Our launch began with two payment options: outright purchase and a monthly rental scheme, both of which proved to be popular and gave our customers the flexibility they needed.


Now ten years on, Qualoupe is still going strong and we have clients not only across the UK, but also overseas in Greece, Iceland, Dubai, Norway, Malaysia, Canada, and mainland Europe. This is supported by our growing international distributor network. Our clients operate in many different industries, including [but not limited to] minerals, healthcare, contract laboratories, forensics, food and drink, environmental monitoring, fabrics, power, pigments, inks and dyes and scientific research.

Alongside our core LIMS work, we have also entered into a partnership with OBI Medical in Denmark who have cracked the ‘Holy Grail’ of being able to convert venous blood sample results into accurate arterial blood results through their v-TAC technology. Many organisations have been trying to achieve this for many years without success, yet the clinical trials that have been run at hospitals in Denmark, UK, and in Europe have demonstrated accurate results.

This offers benefits both for hospitals [for example in freeing up doctors’ time and saving money by removing the need for expensive arterial sampling] and for patient care [as this means no more painful arterial blood samples!]. Some early adopters of this technology now routinely convert all venous samples to arterial results, because these provide more information about the patient and have led to identifying illnesses that neither the patient nor their doctor had previously suspected.

Looking to the Future…

From our experience of the hospitals that have had early involvement with the use of v-TAC for the conversion of venous results to arterial results, this technology looks set to become the norm in hospitals across the world, and we look forward to continuing to work with OBI Medical to support this.

We continue to develop Qualoupe LIMS and have been busy working in the background on Qualoupe LIMS Version 2. We believe that there is always room for improvement, and development in this case focusses on the user interface. This is an important part of our product, as it is what users interact with daily and ultimately defines their attitude towards the software. It would have been easy to rest on our laurels as our existing user interface is well liked by our customers, but we knew we could improve the customer experience further.

We have used our own experience combined with feedback from our customers to define the new user interface, which by our own tenets has to be even easier to use. This is a big project and involves a huge amount of work: we started on this just over a year ago and expect to release this later this year.

Here’s looking forward to seeing what the next ten years brings for Two Fold Software!

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Lisa Lambert

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