KB0034: Important compatibility announcement for Qualoupe users

Qualoupe is built using a proprietary technology created by Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser. Over time a change of direction by Mozilla has resulted in them deciding to remove this technology from the browser, piece by piece. Although our developers have been able to work around these changes so far, Firefox has finally reached a stage where it is no longer possible to run Qualoupe 1.x on the latest versions.

To ensure continued operation of Qualoupe 1.x, customers should do one of the following:

  • Install “Qualoupe Runner” on client machines. This is a thin-client application that contains the core components needed to run Qualoupe. No further action will be required to continue running Qualoupe 1.x, making this is our recommended approach.Please contact our support department if you need to obtain a copy of the Qualoupe Runner application. There is no additional charge for this application, and a single copy can be installed on as many client machines as you wish.
  • Alternatively you should ensure that Qualoupe users are running Firefox 52.x ESR (Extended Support Release). On 28th August 2018 this will no longer be supported by Mozilla, and users will be automatically updated to Firefox 60 ESR, which is not compatible with Qualoupe 1.x. Therefore it is essential that automatic updates of Firefox are disabled before this date, and that users are informed that they must not manually update the browser after this time.

When Firefox 60 ESR is released the main download page will no longer show 52.x ESR. If you do need to download that version, please use the following link to access the Mozilla FTP site, which holds older versions of the browser.



The Future

Our developers are already working hard on a version of Qualoupe that replaces the proprietary Mozilla technologies with newer web standards. In the meantime we will continue to support customers on Firefox 52 ESR and Qualoupe Runner, including the addition of custom code and features. The new software has been specifically designed to allow custom code to be trivially migrated, so that any work undertaken now will still be applicable to future versions.

More details about Qualoupe 2.0 will be posted on this site as we approach its official release.


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