Clive Collier, Managing Director of Two Fold Software Ltd

Our product Qualoupe is a LIMS product which we sell to many different types of companies and  laboratories all over the world.

Because Qualoupe contains an extensive range of functionality, it is very easy to bang on about the big pieces of functionality which bring real and substantial benefits to our customers, however there are a lot of smaller functional items which get overlooked in terms of marketing, but still contribute to the users experience of our product and also bring benefits.

I have decided to give these smaller items the limelight via my blog so that our user community and the wider market can get to hear about these little stars!

Follow the links below for blog posts on these snippets and other articles that I hope will be of interest.

Clive Collier, Managing Director

Clive Collier, our Managing Director reflects on the past 10 years and looks forward to what the future may hold for Two Fold Software... I cannot believe that we are ten years old already, but as the old saying goes: ...
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At the core of any reputable LIMS is data integrity and traceability. The current news around alleged data manipulation by Randox Testing and Trimega serves to highlight how critical it is that ANY change to data must be traceable. Qualoupe ...
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In the early years of the LIMS industry, the mini-computer based systems all supported the functionality to allow the formatting of numbers used to identify batches, samples, project numbers, stability ids, quotations etc. However, when PC based LIMS appeared, this ...
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