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Qualoupe is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) built from the ground up to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. With over 30 separate applications to handle everything from batches and samples through to invoicing and quotations, Qualoupe is ideal for the smallest contract lab right up to a QA lab in a large manufacturing organisation.

  • Sample registration and management
  • Batch creation
  • Methods & parameters
  • Materials & specifications
  • Result entry by Sample or Method
  • People, roles and groups management
  • Powerful integrated searching and filtering
  • Quotations and invoicing
  • Stability studies
  • Project manager
  • Document attachment and storage
  • Instrument integration and management
  • Consumables
  • and more …


Qualoupe’s easy and intuitive user interface is best experienced interactively… but we know you want to see some screenshots first, right?

Key Features

Users, Roles and Groups

Qualoupe’s role-based system makes it easy to grant permissions to users based on their job requirements.

Batches and Samples

Qualoupe works with individual samples or entire batches, and includes scheduled sample creation capabilities.

Printing and Reports

Qualoupe integrates with Crystal Reports to produce flexible printed output, from barcodes to full management reports.

Bespoke Customisation

The software can be tailored to your requirements with a unique approach that allows you to still receive updates to the standard code.

Results Entry

Qualoupe has a rich variety of parameter types, with automatic validation to help prevent erroneous data being entered. Results can be combined into calculations, allowing you to extract meaningful information from your data.

Financial Applications

With applications for Quotations and Invoicing, as well as Consumables management features, Qualoupe has everything a small lab needs to deal with contract customers.

Intelligent Fields

Every data entry field in Qualoupe is optimised to help avoid input errors. Fields can be populated from fixed values or historical data, or can allow free text with powerful validation rules.

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