Qualoupe contains a suite of over 30 applications, providing extensive functionality to cover the needs of all types of laboratory across multiple industry sectors.

Rather than all users having access to all of the applications, these can be assigned to different roles within the laboratory meaning that users only have access to the applications required to fulfil their role, thus simplifying the user experience. Your Qualoupe installation will be tailored to the needs of your business – if you do not require a particular application then this can be excluded.

Please follow the links below to learn more about the key areas of functionality:

User Interface

Sample and Batch Management

Method and Materials Management


Instrument and Systems Interface

Statistical Process Control


Stock Control

Financial Control

Risk Management

More information on the ways that Qualoupe is able to respond to the needs of different industry sectors can also be found within the Industry Applications section of this website.

Not sure if Qualoupe provides the functionality you need? Please contact us to discuss your requirements, as Qualoupe is an extensive piece of software and it may simply be that we have not listed the element that you are looking for here.

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