Payment Options

We believe in offering flexibility to our customers, and provide payment options to suit all sizes of companies, offering you the opportunity to select an option which suits your specific situation, whether that is full purchase of your LIMS or a LIMS rental solution.

Whichever payment option you select you will get our full technology solution, which is in line with our company philosophy that we want all companies to have access to our technical solutions irrespective of their size or wealth.

Outright Purchase

A traditional payment option enabling you to purchase our solution for a fixed price in return for a perpetual software license. Beyond the initial payment, the only on-going cost is for the annual support and maintenance contract which comprises 15% of the license cost per annum. This option tends to suit companies with available capital but a need to maintain minimal operational expenditure [OPEX] costs.

Rental Solution

A monthly software rental solution which is ideal for smaller companies, or those wishing to eliminate any risk or commitment associated with a full software purchase. Support and maintenance costs are included within the monthly rental fee. The benefits of this option are:

  No fixed term contract

    – We are confident that you will see benefits to your business through using Qualoupe, however if you wish to stop using the software then you can do so at any point with no exit fee and therefore no financial risk.

No large capital outlay [CAPEX]

    – Qualoupe makes no impact on your capital budget, enabling you to retain this for investment elsewhere.

Rental payments are made from revenue

    – In many countries rental payments can be offset against corporation tax, further reducing the effective cost of Qualoupe.

Software upgrades are included

    – Our LIMS rental customers receive the same level of support and maintenance as those customers purchasing the software in full, which means you also receive free software upgrades ensuring that your system remains up to date with no hidden costs.

Rapid Return on Investment [ROI]

    – Businesses are under increasing pressure to prove the return on investment across shorter timescales, and a rental solution enables you to demonstrate rapid productivity gains and quality improvements for a minimal financial outlay.

Standard software upgrades are free to all customers for the duration of their support contract. The only additional cost relates to upgrades of custom code, and this will be incorporated into the monthly fee.

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