Issue Management

Two Fold Software believe that excellent customer service is fundamental to our success.  We aim to maximise the transparency of our customer support department through the use of the ‘Bug Tracker’ issue management system, which is used to log, track and report on all customer issues raised whether these are software ‘bugs’, technical queries, or requests for out-of-spec work.

This is a customised web-based issue management system, using open-source software developed by MantisBT.  Secure access is provided through individual usernames and passwords, with users only allocated to projects relevant to them [i.e. your issues will not be visible to customers from other organisations].

Use of the Bug Tracker provides the following benefits:
  Ability for customers to log issues 24/7
  Clear visibility of progress in resolving individual issues
  Easy reporting for Customers and Two Fold Software across individual or multiple projects
  Centralised issue management and improved prioritisation of issues
  Ability for central communication on issues between customers and developers
  Clear audit trail for all issues and updates

The Bug Tracker system can be accessed through a direct link within the Qualoupe software, meaning that you don’t even need to leave the LIMS to log an issue.  Alternatively you can simply navigate to the system through your web browser from any computer, or follow the link below.

Report an Issue on Bug Tracker

Report an Issue

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