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Two Fold Software are extremely proud to be partnering with OBI Medical on the V-TAC research and development programme, delivering accurate venous to arterial blood gas conversion.


The two companies formed a consortium in 2012 and successfully applied for Eurostars funding to enable continuing research and development. To achieve this we were able to demonstrate that the project will create employment opportunities, develop a project that exhibits realistic global marketing potential and is considered both innovative and ground-breaking. Fast forward 5 years and we have seen the first hospital [North Denmark Regional Hospital] introduce v-TAC permanently into daily clinical practice, proving the very real potential of this project.

What is V-TAC?

V-TAC stands for the Venous to Arterial Conversion Method, and is a means to convert peripheral venous acid-base and blood gas values to arterial values. What this means in layman’s terms is that rather than having to undergo a painful arterial blood test, patients could instead be given a standard venous blood test as the results could be automatically converted to those of an arterial sample.

This offers the following key benefits:

  • For patients – a far quicker and less painful procedure and the avoidance of possible side-effects associated with arterial punctures
  • For hospitals – frees up doctor’s time as venous samples can be taken by nursing staff, offering significant time and cost savings on top of improved patient care

V-TAC is a genuine medical break-through and has FDA approval as a medical device.

Doctor reviewing blood test results

What is Two Fold Software’s Involvement?

We are using our considerable experience of systems integration to develop v-TAC Connect which integrates the BGA’s [blood gas analysers] with the v-TAC software and the hospital’s patient systems.

Through this, v-TAC Connect acquires the venous blood gas results from the BGA and passes them to the v-TAC software for conversion to arterial blood gas results. V-TAC Connect then updates the patient record with the arterial results, removing the risk of inaccurate data entry and providing consultants and doctors with immediate access to detailed test results.

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